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Mercedes‑Benz After Work Golf Cup supported by The R&A

About The R&A

Based in St Andrews, The R&A is golf’s governing body and organiser of The Open, golf’s oldest and most international Major championship. Together with the USGA, The R&A governs the sport of golf worldwide. The R&A is committed to working for golf and operates with the consent of 156 organisations, from the amateur and professional game, and on behalf of over 30 million golfers in 143 countries.

Using funds generated by The Open, The R&A promotes golf development, Rules education and best practice for sustainable golf course management throughout the world. Each year, The R&A invests millions in support of golf worldwide. This includes grassroots initiatives, coaching, public facilities, equipment profession, professional golf, student golf and amateur events.

A recent R&A survey revealed that 60% of golfers would enjoy golf more if it took less time. This led The R&A to extend its support of nine-hole golf as a way of enjoying the sport in less time, either recreationally or for handicap purposes. The work being achieved to promote this shorter format of the game is illustrated by new figures which demonstrate the rising popularity of competitive nine-hole golf internationally.

The Mercedes‑Benz After Work Golf Cup is set to become THE international nine-hole tournament series for golfers around the world who love to pursue their hobby in a competitive yet relaxed environment after work. The R&A has recognised this potential and is officially supporting the Mercedes‑Benz After Work Golf Cup.

"The Mercedes‑Benz After Work Golf Cup is a pioneering new competition which enables golfers around the world to play the sport in an exciting and convenient way," says Martin Slumbers, Chief Executive of The R&A. "Nine-hole golf is continuing to grow in popularity among golfers worldwide so we are very pleased to support Mercedes‑Benz in offering golfers more opportunities to enjoy this shorter format of the game, both socially and competitively."

To learn more about The R&A and its golf development initiatives please visit the official website here.