World Rankings 2022 Mercedes‑Benz After Work Golf Cup

Through participation in national rankings, online registered players automatically qualify for the MBAWGC World Rankings. For the MBAWGC World Rankings 2021, a player’s best tournament result (gross) scored during the period from 1 January until 31 December 2021 is considered. In case of a tie between multiple players, the player who carries a higher HCP when scoring the best gross result ranks higher. In case of yet another tie, the ultimate decision is taken by lottery draw.

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World Ladies Gross

1 Mandy Matthew DEU 20
2 Stefanie Steinberger DEU 19
3 Tina Grabau DEU 18
4 Julia Semesdiek DEU 18
5 Hanna Rieker DEU 18
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World Men Gross

1 Jörg Maier DEU 20
2 Marco Südbeck DEU 20
3 Dennis Voigt DEU 20
4 Jan Gulich DEU 20
5 Detlef Schulte DEU 19
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