Welcome fellow golfers!

Join Mercedes‑Benz and Rickie Fowler for the Mercedes‑Benz After Work Golf Cup season.

Hey there to all my fellow golfers!

No time for the golf course? Feeling frustrated at having to juggle work and family commitments in order to fit in a round of golf? Or are you ready to take your game to the next level?

I think I have the answer: The Mercedes‑Benz After Work Golf Cup!

With the Mercedes‑Benz After Work Golf Cup you can now play a tournament round after work. The international roll-out of the Mercedes‑Benz After Work Golf Cup shows that nine-hole tournaments are not just a short-term trend, but a real alternative to the classic 18 holes, especially for younger, working golfers. So exactly what you are looking for!

Sounds exciting? It surely is!

"Half the distance, twice the fun" is the motto – and all this in accordance with the basic idea and rules of golf. Time is luxury and sometimes you may wish to have more of it to spend on the things you love and of course deserve! I’m convinced that it is often easier than you think. Despite competitive ambitions, having fun and enjoying the game is at the heart of the Mercedes‑Benz After Work Golf Cup.

Register today and participate to meet new people, catch up with friends and compete with fellow golfers on a national and international level – in the end it all comes together to fulfill your passion for the sport.

And true to Mercedes‑Benz, these guys are also offering the chance to win high level money can’t buy prizes. All you have to do is register!

And don’t forget, the easiest way to wind down and relax is outdoors on the fairways and greens on a weekday evening. Especially, when things aren’t going so well – remember you could still be sitting in the office like the others. Join me in one of my life motto’s: rather spend time in the rough than have a rough time in the office!

Hope you enjoy a good game and get some great scores at the Mercedes‑Benz After Work Golf Cup!


Rickie Fowler